About Teresa

Beads have always been in Teresa’s life in some form or another. Her passion and journey to learn about them and how they work together have woven through the events and many relationships her life since she was a child, through college, and into adulthood.

Teresa comes armed with a wealth of knowledge about beading techniques and the love to share them with those who were interested. Teresa has taught classes with her bead society, as an assistant with David Chatt at his workshop in Bellevue, and also taught new and experienced bead workers in an one on one setting.

She has a Degree in Art and Design from North Carolina State University, and has studied with some of the best know bead artists such as David Chatt, Sonya Clark, and Joyce Scott. Her pieces have begun to be featured in various beading publications.

When she turned 40, Teresa decided to focus more energy on her lifelong passion and enter the beadwork community and teaching world.